About Us

Our Story

BiaCon has created the most innovative communication systems for the needs of different sectors in the defense industry. We are developing military radios and communication systems with military grade specifications and certifications. The experience, that is cumulating, is integrated with the latest technological development in order to offer seamless, secure, fast and cost-effective communication possibilities worldwide. The connection and the communication systems and products have been designed in house, exclusively to fulfill secure and seamless voice and data communication demands for all defense industry. Land, Air and Sea. BiaCon Military Communication Systems constitute the infrastructure of military communication to provide secure voice and data communication to users with embodying diverse 3G/ LTE/ 5G techniques. With respect to National and International client requirements, BiaCon offers customized solutions and develops state of the art products/systems. The solutions presented from Defense Communication Systems are used not only in Finland but also in many countries around the world to meet the communication needs that are extending from land, air and sea.

Making it all Simple and Easy

With BiaCon solutions you can get internet access without fuzz. All our products are just plug and play. The monthly payments from the sim card that already comes with the products, you can just jump into online world.

Our mission is to focus primarily on the needs of the Maritime industry; to provide high-value-added, innovative and reliable products and solutions to both Domestic and International customers in the fields of communication technologies and system integration; continuing activities in line with global targets as well as increasing brand awareness and contributing to the technological industry from Finland.


Your Vision, Our Future.

Our Vision is to be a reliable, competitively preferred, environment-friendly and human conscious technology firm which preserves its sustainable growth in the global market.

Choose from three different data plans (Silver, Gold, Platinum) and customise the amount of sim cards according to your demands (minimum 5 cards).

We use multiple antennas for different range, providing the best possible connection to the network.

Connect to 100+ operators all around the globe. No more blind spots.