Multi-sim solution

We can use multiple operator profiles in our products. Stay connected wherever you go.


All products can be remotely controlled. With SMS you can turn on, or shut down the power on the wifi and the device.


We use multiple antennas for a different range, providing the best possible connection to the network.


All products can be connected to other onboard equipment that needs a connection to the network.


All products are compatible with Android/ iOS devices and also Windows/ Mac/ Linux.

Fast wifi

WIFI utilizing modern MIMO technology that ensures the reliability of wireless data communications. Uses specifications in the 802.11 families.


Multi Sim

Connect different sim cards to your main sim.
Now you can get calls to your own number by using the local


Short Numbers

When you get your sim cards, you can call between your sim’s
with short numbers. For example, instead of using the normal phone number
you can just use short number 123 or 456)


Call Center

If you are on a call, the call is redirected to the call center or queue.
You can get the call after you finish the current call.

Get Connected Everywhere!

With our Antenna Technology

Router fundamentals are performance optimization and reliability. The best possible signal level and data transfer rate are reached regardless of active network operator in the area. Reliable data transfer is guaranteed thanks to modern MIMO features.


Military Standard


Dust-proof Shockproof

MIL Droptest